It just dawned on me that I am surrounded by orange-red this week.  The Hachiya persimmons is slowly ripening, matching the shade of Fuyu-gaki.  A notebook by Midori that I recently acquired just happened to have the same rich autumnal shade.  
What is your color of the week?

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week — Fall Color

  1. Sometimes it happens the same to me too, not this week, I've been all over the place color wise, but not long ago my color was seaweed green 😀 (materialized in Jonathan Swift ink and a nail polish the same color lol).


  2. Jonathan Swift ink is definitely an interesting shade of green. A bit mossy and resembles a bit of the algae color. It actually reminds me of all the algae that was washed ashore while I lived in San Diego. Have you found a paper that plays well with that ink? MB ink for some reason is a hit and miss to me in terms of paper friendliness. It usually does well on Rhodia, but sometime it still feathers badly on it.


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