As Margana of Inkophile mentioned numbers of pens inked could be reflective of season, I usually honor the seasonal change with ink choices.  The first color that comes to mind for autumn color is Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki, the Winter Persimmon.  The warming feeling of the color not only because of its shade, but also derives from its intensity.  For the several Iroshizuku ink I have tried, Fuyu-gaki is by far the most saturated one, but less shading as well. 

Fuyu gaki-001
Fuyu gaki 1

Fuyu-gaki, when I first glanced at it, appeared orange, but now as I look more closely it is essentially an orange red, close to some shades of vermillion.   Too bad I no longer have  Caran d’Ache Saffron for a side-by-side comparison with Fuyu-gaki, since the two seem to share similar ratio of orange and red, but leaning toward red.

I have done the swatches a bit differently in this post.  Instead of using a Q-tip, I did the swatches with a round watercolor brush.  I repeated the stroke couple times at the beginning of the squiggly line to represent how the ink is in more concentrated form, and finish the rest of the line in one passing.  Let me know how you like this new method!

Which ink do you turn to when the seasons change?

3 thoughts on “Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki

  1. I don't tend to follow seasons with colors because where I live stays pretty much the same year round, but Fuyu-Gaki certainly screams Autumn to me. It's such a lovely shade of orange-red. It looks amazing in your writing samples. I also appreciate the change from Q-tip to brush nib, it seems to me that the brush nib shows a better representation of how the color would react in normal conditions.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely ink 🙂


  2. Subconsciously, I might be missing the autumnal foliage of East Coast, since Southern California's autumn is pretty much a colder summer. Often time I use colors in clothing and ink to place my mood in the proper season and it actually works for me most of the time.
    I am glad that you like my new experiment of making swatches with a brush in lieu of Q-tip. The idea came about because I was too lazy to walk to another room to get Q-tip and a brush was within my reach. Unexpected gain out my laziness!


  3. Can't say I have done much thinking on season changes = ink color changes but it's as good excuse as any to order some more ink samples! I think autumn to me would be an orangy brown though not exactly a perfect fit for my line of work. I like your choice in this review and I tend to agree with your lean more towards red. Course I've never been able to understand those ink names anyway!


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