Roll Pen Case by Saki Collection


Guess how many pens are in the case?

One of the hardest decisions of any given day is deciding which pen and how many pens I should carry with me to work because I am always afraid that I will not have the pen in the moment of need.  The fact is that I am no octopus and I can only use one pen at a time, so I try avoiding stuff my pen case as if Armageddon is coming.  This roll pen case by Saki Collection is made with traditional Japanese fabric.  Initially I was attracted by the fabric design, but after using it for two years, I am impressed by its durability and capacity.

1.  Inner set up of the pen roll.  The pen roll can be roll up to three, tie with a cotton cord   2.  front side of the pen roll, with a discreet label of “Saki Collection”.  3.  inner pockets.  The extra flap on top provides more protection to treasured pens

The pen case measures 17.9 cm (7.04 inch) by 18.9 cm (7.44 inch).  Not as voluminous as Nomadic or Lihit pen cases, but with its three equally distributed compartments, it can fit 2-3 pens in each pocket without being too bulky.


Looking closely, the stitches around the three pockets are in identical color as the fabric and a thicker textile is used as inner lining that increases the durability.  The top flap gives additional cushion to protect the pen.  I have not yet have any damaged pens while encasing in this pen roll for the past two years.  Though the protection might be adequate for gel and ballpoint pens, it is a bit shy for fountain pens.  I have placed toss-around fountain pens such as Pilot Petit in this pen roll and it made it unscathed.  Should I want to carry nicer fountain pens around in this pen case, I would put the pens in the middle pocket and leave the two on the side empty, so when I wrap up the roll, the two side pockets can be double as extra cushion.  However this arrangement is still not optimal because sometime the cord comes untie, and there is a risk of pens falling out.  If the pen roll is used at home for temporary storage of fountain pens, it will be okay, but as for daily carry, this pen roll is more befitting for gel and ballpoint, or any fountain pens that you would not mind toss around.

It might not carry the entire Staples, but it can contain a compact small office!

With two multipens (one three-color, one five-color), two single gel pens, and a highlighter, the pen roll can still be rolled up nicely.  In fact, I have fit four multipens easily in it.  One other impressive fact about this pen roll is that the fabric does not seem to be soiled easily.  For the past two years of consistent use, it still looks presentable and tidy even though I did not clean it at all.  Extra bonus for a pretty pen roll, right?

Interested in it?  Check out other varieties that Saki Collection offers at JetPens.

3 thoughts on “Roll Pen Case by Saki Collection

  1. Thank you for nice comment as always, Bob! Saki Collection offers other fabric/material selections that is not as ornate as the one seen here. It is definitely not an ideal pen case for fountain pens, especially the very nice ones, so I am back on the drawing board for a case to store my fountain pens.


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