So Julie Deply and Ethan Hawke finally conclude their on-screen romance in Before Midnight.  I wonder whether the conclusion of that film honors the quote above.  Regardless of the outcome, I made a small discovery while bumping into the above quotation.  Organics Studio Foggy Bottom was an ink that I acquired last year at the D.C. Supershow.  The picture on the right is the very first inking, where the color appears amber and brown, but the picture on the left is the most recent filling of the same ink.  See the difference?  The color now has a bit of green undertone.

The ink smells fine and does not have any suspicious life form in the bottle.  One perceivable difference is that there are more crystal and sediment in the ink.  Though I did gently shake it before filling the pen, the color was not the same.  Perhaps the dye separates and the redissolve of the crystal contribute to this phenonmenon?  Since I am no chemist, I do not know the answer to it.  The ink does “age” to another beautiful shade, and gives the writing a bit of antique flare.  Good ink nonetheless.
Have you have any ink color changing on you?  

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