Bob of My Pen Needs Ink mused about matching pen and ink colors in his post and mentioned how his Pelikan M1000 did not care much for the Pelikan black ink nor the Pelikan Edelstein Onyx.  I volunteered to test out a combination of Pelikan and Sailor Nano Black on his behalf, thinking the nice sheen and lubricated quality of Sailor ink might pair well with the Pelikan.

The result?  I think it is quite fabulous.

Pelikan Nano

The hue is saturated, more so than average black ink
See the sheen?

pen and ink combination= bumble bee!

Have you discovered any enamored ink and pen combination recently?


4 thoughts on “Pelikan M205 meets Sailor Nano Black

  1. Sailor Nano Black is very saturated and has no shading. Since you are not a big fan of shading, I thought this ink might be up to your alley. Another black you might consider is Platinum pigmented black, which is even darker than Sailor Nano.

    I hope this post was helpful!


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