Ink samples are wonderful because you can try out an ink before committing to it, but there is a downside to ink samples as well, at least for me.  As much as I love using fountain pens, it is rather difficult for me to use up a bottled ink, especially when I almost always have several pens in rotation.  In addition to bottled ink, many generous friends have sent me samples of ink to try.  As soon as these ink samples come into my possession, they get organized, put away, and… into oblivion.  Out of sight, out of mind, eh?  It is not until I rummage through and debate which ink I should use next that I see these samples, remorse arises, and one way to right the wrong is to finally try out these samples.  In this rotation, Pelikan Violet and Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Rose are samples that are neglected too long.  I have purchased a sample of Black Swan three years ago from Goulet Pens and I was immediately enamored with the color, a nice and subtle purplish red.  Pelikan Violet seems to be the missing member of Pelikan Edelstein series.  After all, how can a shade of purple be missing from a gemstone series?

You have probably noticed that Maruman Mnemosyne is not used for today’s ink testing.  The craft paper seen here is Strathmore 400 series Recycle Toned sketched paper in warm tan.  Though it is meant for sketching and dry media, I have been using it for practice, testing out ideas for card designs and watercolor.  The paper is nice and thick.  No feathering or bleedthrough observed in my ink testing.  It does buckle if you do a lot of wet wash, but it is doing great for sketch and drawing paper.

Which ink samples have you tried recently?  Any eye-opening ones?

PS.  There is a small giveaway going on this blog that will end tomorrow night.  Head over and check it out!


2 thoughts on “Currently Inked

  1. I love the kraft paper you used today. BSiAR is a very beautiful color and goes so well in your Falcon. I have a sample of it somewhere too. Maybe I'll be a copycat and use this next on mine 😉

    As for me, there hasn't been any much writing, so I haven't used any new samples, I'm getting by with old favorites 🙂


  2. Strathmore Toned tan is great for drawing, not sure whether you can find it in Chile. Black Swan in Australian Rose (such a mouthful!) is a great rediscovery. That subtle winery tone is very intoxicating, especially in a flex nib.
    I am trying very hard not to get new ink or ink samples for awhile, as well as new pens. Discovery what you already in stock can be very exciting as well. 🙂


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