This week’s selection is an emotionally mixed one; it involves saying “hello” and “goodbye” to old friends.  My stash of Caran d’Ache Amazon is officially depleted, but I have also paired pens and ink I have for awhile for the first time.  Stipula Netto Ebony has joined my stash since last year’s pen show and for some reason, I have not given into my temptation in opening it (a miracle in itself, right?).  It is now paired with Platinum Maki-e, a fountain pen that writes with a bit of bounce.  The bouncy feeling reminds me of the first time breaking into a Pilot Falcon.  De Atramentis has a great range of color and I especially like their scented ink because the fragrance is more saturated compare to other brands.  Plum has a fruity but refreshing scent that gives a great pick-me-up in the dead of the afternoon.  With its finer than average Japanese fine, Clear Candy can write with a bit of resistance; however, the wetness of Plum compensates the fineness of the nib, which improves the overall writing experience.

One noticeable agony that I have experienced recently . . . why is it so difficult to use up last drops of ink?  Aniki Yuki’s Garden tenaciously holds on the cartridge in J. Herbin Rollerball.  While I adore the ink, I am itching to try out other ink in the collection!

Which ink have you tried recently?  Any one of them stands out in particular?

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