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Thanks to Zeynep that I get to try a Turkish fountain pen ink called Aniki’s.  This particular shade is named Yuki’s Garden, which is a chameleon in terms of hue.  The ink is of archival quality, lays on paper very smoothly.  It is a very lubricating ink, reminding me of ink by Sailor.  The inconsistency that I noticed thus far is pairing ink with suitable paper.  Over all, most premium paper take this ink well, but feathering does happen here and there.  In my opinion, this is less of a con when taking other properties of ink into consideration.  Zeynep also cautions me that there could be a staining issue with Aniki’s ink, which thus far, I have not seen any clogging or staining of the feed or cartridge.  All in all, in supporting small business and artisan (Aniki’s ink is very similar to Noodler’s ink in respect of operation), I would love to explore Aniki’s line of ink.

Bleedthrough is minimal, besides where the title is located, where I traced over several times.

Yuki’s Garden on Midori Traveler’s Notebook agenda refill.  Looks a bit like Alt-Goldgrün by Rohrer and Klingner

On Rhodia Webbie, looks like pine green here

On normal 20-lb printer paper, it looks a bit more brown.

Does this ink pique your curiosity?  If so, visit Aniki’s site for more information!  In addition to ink, Aniki also manufactures fountain pen friendly notebooks and fountain pen related items.

Which new brand of ink have you tried recently?


8 thoughts on “Aniki Yuki’s Garden

  1. Thanks for sharing this ink, Shangching. I love hearing about new -to me- makers of ink and it's interesting to see the variations and similarities between these “indie” brands. And this ink came a long way to your pens 🙂 Anyway, it looks like a beautiful shade of green, like the outside of artichokes (should I mention I *love* artichokes? ;), which also has some tones of brown in it. Great review as always~


  2. Thanks for the review. I've recently jumped out of my Noodlers/Diamine comfort zone and bought a bottle of Scribal Workshops Damselfish. Admittedly my skill and comparing two inks is barely more thank shading characteristics so honestly I liked the Damselfish color. I have a few greens I really like but maybe I'll seek this label out and give it a try. Worse case I can impress my friends when they find out I write with an ink I can barely pronounce. Thanks


  3. Yes, it is along the artichoke and avocado line, two of my favorite food. If you see the color that is been lifted when comes in contact with water, the hue resembles macha a bit. Over all, an ink that evokes all fond food memories 😉
    Indies ink are fun because you can see that people are still passionate about pushing out good products. The shortcoming often comes with a bit of kinks here and there, but testing is half of the fun, right?


  4. Funny enough, I have very limited working relationship with both Noodler's and Diamine and I just start trying out Noodler's after Bay State Blue. Damselfish looks like a vibrant indigo. How is it compare to other inks you have used?


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