This week’s rotation has an arresting commonality:  pens and ink gifted to me by friends and family from all over the world.  Noble, a Chinese fountain pen, was gifted to me by Zeynep of Write to Me Often.  A sample of Rohrer and Klingner Alt-Goldgrün, gifted to me by Gentian of Drawing with a Squirrel.  Parker 45 was bequeathed to me by my aunt when I was 10.  Both J. Herbin inks have trotted their way back from Paris, courtesy of one of my closest friends.  Lastly, Waterman Allure was a birthday present from Marianne of Baking with Marianne.  The ardor for these writing instruments and ink intensifies because of the emotional bonds that are associated with them.

The Noble fountain pen has a squeeze converter that is in one piece with the barrel.  The converter itself brings a sense of nostalgia, since it is the same type of converter that was in my first Parker.  It lays down a very fine line and writes very smoothly.  J. Herbin Rouille d’Ancre is a bit more opaque than I thought, but the opacity also adds a bit of daintiness to the color, since most shades of brown convey the feeling of robustness.

What kind of special memories do you have with your pens?


6 thoughts on “Currently Inked

  1. How did you get your fude to write so fine and consistently? 😮 I've tried using mine for “normal” writing, but I totally fail at it.

    Lovely selection of inks and pens, specially hearing the cute stories behind them. Of my pens, my favorite for this reason is the Lamy Safari Aquamarine, it was a gift from my BF for our anniversary a couple years past. The best about it is that I didn't even ask him for it, he just saw me drooling over it at a local store (lol) and got it for me, one week later.


  2. Wow that Lamy Al-Star looks like a thick EF, but I digress :). I think the only fountain pen I have any emotional attachment with is my Cross Century II. It was scratchy out of the box and I put it away for a long time thinking that was how all fountain pens write. I thought that was high end also, imagine that. I accumulated and enjoyed ALOT of rollerballs but I never got that Century out of my mind until one day I decided to pull it back out and do a little studying on FPN. Come to find out it just had mis-aligned tines. It's really a wonderful writer and I credit it for SLOWLY starting my immensely fun passion of fountain pens I enjoy today.


  3. Hi Estivalia,
    When I try to write normally with a fude pen, I hold the pen to the point that the barrel is perpendicular to the paper surface. It will feel a bit scratchy and grainy than if you hold the pen at 50 or 40 degree angle. (wow, I am really exercising my geometrical prowess here, lol)

    Thanks for the compliment on the ink and pen pairing. I think there is almost at least a story or two behind most of my purchases, besides the ones I bought out of impulse! 😉


  4. Curse of the European nibs, you know 😉 Though it is not as fine as Japanese nib, I still enjoy it immensely because the nib can be swapped out so easily.
    First fountain pen is almost always unforgettable, even if it is not top of the line. I am glad that you did not give up on the fountain pen and willing to do the homework to make it better!
    By the way, has your Nakaya arrived yet?


  5. Yes, I agree 🙂 It is not as heavy as other browns I have, remind me of De Atramentis Gingerbread. J. Herbin's ink usually looks great with flex nibs, since the ink is not highly saturated.

    Thank you for stopping by!


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