A reader was perplexed on how to refill the mechanical pencil component of a Coleto.  I figure the best way to explain is to do a little photo show-and-tell.  If you are having trouble following, please leave a comment and I will try my best to elucidate!





Careful and not to tilt the lead toward the knocker because doing so will dislodge the lead from its place.  Put the mechanical pencil component back to the body.  Press down the knocker couple more times and the lead should be proper loaded.


If you have a better way to load the pencil, feel free to share in the comment section!


3 thoughts on “Question from a Reader: How to refill a Coleto Mechanical Pencil component

  1. Yes, Uniball Style Fit mechanical pencil can be loaded in the same way. Once a piece of lead is properly loaded, you may add another spare piece in there. I would not recommend having too many pieces of spares in there to avoid possible jamming.
    I hope my answer is helpful. Keep the questions coming!


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