From Paris with love 🙂

An old friend of mine brought a small surprise from Paris for me: two bottles of fountain pen ink!  It is obvious that she knows my addiction well.  I am particularly envious since she had a chance to see those lovely ink dispensers (very much like the olive oil and honey ones at Whole Foods) at work, but I appreciate it regardless, since lugging ink and other goodies back are no small feat!


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. These ink definitely travelled far: from France to Germany, to Florida, then California! Plenty of TLC for sure. Of course I can't resist but to try out one of them already. Hopefully I will have the write-up posted soon.


  2. Rouge Bourgogne and Rouille d'Ancre are both names of colours by J. Herbin – do you know if are these re-bottled for Georges & Co. or are they something different?


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