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I am pretty sure that I have been hitched by blue recently, though it is usually not the color I would go for.  Bad Belted Kingfisher by Noodler’s is an ink with solid performance.  For one week worth of usage, I have found the ink easy to use, helps with smoothness of the writing because of its lubrication, and the hue is also easy on the eyes.  For those people who are looking for a safe color for professional purpose, Bad Belted Kingfisher can well be for you.  Plus, the name reads a bit like a tongue twister, which adds more fun to an ink that is friendly to most writing surface.  I have tested on cane paper that is notably thinner than regular 20-lb printer paper, and there is no feathering with some show-through. This ink is also a good news for those people who are not keen on shading.  Though Bad Belted Kingfisher is saturated, it does have minimal shading that gives the writing a bit of texture.

Which ink and ink color are indispensable to you?

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6 thoughts on “Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher

  1. Nice review thanks. I am also a recent recipient of some BBK. Having a recent passion for dark blues. I see what you mean about the BLUE part being blue, I really like it. I'm too newb to fountain pens to have participated in what appears to be the great ink debate of the century. Noodlers BSB so for now I'm just staying away from it.



  2. Hi Bob, BSB is actually great ink, but I would not use it with an expensive pen because it stains really easily. Platinum Preppy takes the ink extremely well and since the pen itself is a 3-buck chuck, then you will not feel as guilty if it is ruined.


  3. I love this writing sample. Dark blue (navy, indigo) is my favorite color right now. Is it just me or does the distribution of the ink have a slight watercolor effect? Maybe this is normal, I don't know much about ink. (I also love watercolor at the moment, so maybe my eyes are seeing what they want to see!)


  4. It does have a bit of watercolor effect (a.k.a. shading) This ink's shading is not as apparent as other inks, where you can really see the range of the color tone. Dark blue and indigo has been my go-to color in these years. Not as average as the ordinary blue and more lifting than plain black 🙂


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