Paper:  Maruman Mnemosyne

This week’s rotation is more colorful than past two rounds, and with fewer pens.  It appears to me that the ink I have chosen either has fantastic shading or none at all.  The only one that is in the middle ground is Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher.  I was on the fence about Noodler’s since Bay State Blue, albeit its bright and awesome blue hue, but Bad Belted Kingfisher was a good saving point.  My initial impression remains positive; the ink is lubricated and saturated with a hint of shading.

What do you have inked this week?


6 thoughts on “Currently Inked

  1. Lovely rotation nevertheless Shangching 🙂 Do you find your writing has increased, decreased or stayed the same? Now that I'm not in school (for the time being) I don't write much. Or at all. I've been in kind of a block even for my own journaling, but I still have a few pens inked & hopeful:

    – Platinum Preppy M with R&K Solferino
    – Namiki Falcon SF with Montblanc Lavender Purple
    – Pilot Prera with Iroshizuku Tsutsuji
    – Kaweco Ice Sport 1.5mm nib with Sailor Apricot

    Hoping you have a great week~


  2. Nathan Tardiff and his naming convention never cease to amaze me, and Bad Belted Kingfisher might have restore my faith in Noodler's! I was really hoping Bay State Blue will be the blue for me, but the staining power can not be underestimated.


  3. The amount of writing has been leveled, but for some reason, I just cannot exhaust ink as quickly as I hoped, even with broader nib! I pretty much will make up the excuse to use pen whenever I can, since I type way too much either on computer or on the phone. Your line-up conveys the feeling of autumn, and I hope the MB Lavender Purple is treating you well 🙂


  4. It certainly is, I cannot thank you enough for this kind and generous gift. I have had Lavender Purple in all of my rotations since I got your package, that alone must hint you of how much I've loved this ink 🙂


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