1.  Similar to other premium fountain pen ink, Edelstein has an exquisite packaging.  The indentation on the right denotes the color of the ink.
2.  Normally the Pelikan emblem would be printed on the carton, but this year is the 175th anniversary for the company thus you see a slightly different emblem on the top.
3.  Great as an inkwell and decoration.
4.  To the eye, Amber is a very warm and autumn color.

I always have a weak spot for Pelikan Edelstein that cannot be rationalized.  Whenever the news of a new Edelstein release will make my heart skip a beat.  Edelstein is my kryptonite, so to speak.  The ink exhibited a spectrum from light yellow to dark Manuka honey color.  Some have commented that for an expensive ink, Edelstein is disappointingly unsaturated.  The way I look at it is the great shading quality would become less apparent, if the ink has high saturation.

An overview for the ink and a mini swatch comparison with other similar color ink I have.


Edelstein 1
You can see the wet and dried Amber here.  Love the ink pooling sight!

What kind of qualities are you looking for in a fountain pen ink?


13 thoughts on “Pelikan Edelstein Amber

  1. Oh wow, the last picture is fab! I love ink when it's on this state <3
    Awesome review as always Shangching, thanks so much for sharing this ink with us!

    My personal kryptonite is Iroshizuku ink. You know I already splurged on Tsutsuji, but I'm already plotting my next buy. The color, the quality of the ink and even the packaging draw me like a moth to fire. Maybe because it's so clearly japanese (and I'm a sucker for this country). The Edelstein comes in a close 2nd, though I haven't found a color super tempting to consider getting.


  2. I love seeing ink pooling on paper surface… and without any feathering! I am attached to Pelikan Edelstein because it has not failed me in anyway. It is not fussy with paper or pen, and shading is fabulous. I wish I feel the same with Iroshizuku. I had high hope for it, but for some reason, it feathers on me even with Rhodia paper. With that being said, my all time favorite from Iroshizuku is Ku-Jaku. Maybe I will save up for that. As for Japanese ink, Sailor is still my favorite. The saturation and lubrication are unbelievable!


  3. Thanks Shangching for a great review. I am a sucker for a pretty presentation to justify my $25 (US). However I'm not a big one on shading inks. I tend to like the deep and dark saturated inks. I'm in a dilemma right now with problems with my Pelikan M1000 so Chartpak is pressuring me to try Pelikan ink. Not sure if I should go for the 4001 series or the Edelstein. Huuuum…

    I guess I remain a boring Diamine user, though new hues announced typically don't get me running for the shopping cart button.

    Thanks again for a great read



  4. Hi Bob, thank you for your kind comment as usual. My two-cents for your dilemma is try out a Pelikan 4001 and see if you like it. In fact, Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue is my go-to ink for anything that is work related. I would not rate 4001 series any less than Edelstein because it is affordable, dependable, and easy to use. The difference between the two is the shading, which 4001 has some, but not as dynamic as Edelstein.
    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of challenge do you have with your Pelikan M1000?


  5. Oh, yes, Sailor. Every time I try one of their samples it turns into a must-have for me. Right now Sky High is on the top of my list, but I also liked Grenade, Apricot and Ultramarine. If I keep this way I'll end up with the whole Sailor range of inks :p


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