currently inked

This week’s color selection is comparatively more uplifting than last week’s; more colors than just black!  While organizing my pens, I found the J. Herbin Rollerball still inked.  Initially I was afraid that the ink dried up in the feed, given many users reported clogged ones, but to my surprise, the pen wrote right from the beginning.  I count myself lucky and will hurry to finish up the ink, so I can flush the pen.

Caran d’Ache’s Amazon is known for its shading, I accordingly use it with the Pelikan M205 Duo with an italic nib to see the nuances.  Nice shading ink with a springy nib makes a dreamy combination!  Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite is a blue-black that is more saturated than I expected, and it has some nuances of gray undertone (at least to my eyes).  Nice subtle blue-black that is good for everyday use.

Which inky discovery have you made this week?


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