Juice 1

Gel pens can be irresistible, especially one comes with rainbow range colors.   Compare to other gel pens, such as Signo DX or Hi-Tec-C, Pilot Juice writes more dewy that enhances the overall smooth writing experience.  Some finer tipped gel pens might feel a bit stuck on rougher paper surface, but it does not happen with Juice.  Smooth writing regardless of paper.

Though Juice writes wetter than other gel pens, the ink dries quickly and that means less of a chance of smearing for lefties.  It is also friendly for those of us who are a bit clutsy because the ink is water resistant.  As seen in the writing sample, when in contact with water, a portion of ink is lifted but the writing remains legible.

The only downside of Juice is that though it is refillable in theory, refills are only available in basic colors (blue, black, and red), which is the same predicament for Zebra Sarasa.  Besides that, it is a reliable and reasonably priced gel pen.  Great for everyday use!

Long separated siblings?  Appearance wise, they look very similar

Silicone grip and the metal tip.

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