While I unpacked the content of my car, I had made an interesting observation.  While I have my complete ink and pen collections, as well as instruments to flush out pens, I somehow packed three chopsticks.  Yes, you read right, three.  One would think eating apparatus is more significant than writing ones, but I guess that is not my case.  Can you see where my priorities have been?

Falcon comes in handy during apartment hunt

In this post I have shared which stationery goods that I have taken with me, and after finishing the post, I thought to myself, “hmm, what is the likelihood that I will use a fountain pen in a shaking car with a startled cat?”  Well, it just happened that the ballpoint pen at the leasing office would not write no matter how hard I scribbled, as you can imagine, I just happened to have a fountain pen with me that saved the day.

Much needed calligraphy practice, reflecting various tragedies that happened around the country in the past several weeks.

In case you are not on Instagram and are interested in seeing scenery of the states I have driven through, please click here to check them out!

What do you do with your beloved pens and stationery when you move? 

6 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. What the. Ok. Let's try that again. Wrote comment, it posted twice, I deleted one, now both are gone 😐 When we drove here, I brought ALL my pens and inks with me in the car too!! Along with Tyco! Everything else was second rate and got shipped – who cares. Pens and inks most important. And a few journals (the filled ones and some precious new ones). Three chopsticks though… that's hilarious.


  2. Three chopsticks still boggle my head; what was I thinking? Resort the single for stabbing? Oh well, that shall remain a mystery.
    Learning well from losing an Omas during my last move, I had all pens and ink with me, figure if I lose any of them this time, well, I guess it is “meant to be.” As for ink, I was more afraid of opening the pod, discovering everything covered in one hue or more. To avoid all types of colorful accident, carrying them with me would be the best solution.
    Poor Tyco, how was he in the car?


  3. The last thing you wanted to deal with on a long trip is a sickly cat. Thankfully Auggie's UTI was under control while we drove out, so it was a relief. Auggie tried to be very active in a moving vehicle, but his intention was shot down because he often hid right below the gas and break pedals. I am glad that Auggie is so easy going but I also promise him never to move him cross the country again!


  4. I can relate all too well with this post. Every time I go on a roadtrip the first thing I do is set up a small box with Rhodia pads, stationery and a variety of pens and ink samples for the road :p So, yeah, I really approve of your choices!

    Just today a girl on a message board posted that she always carries a single chopstick for things like opening cans and fishing out her keys from her purse while her nails were drying (among other uses) so I can see why you'd pack a pair of chopsticks and a single one lol.


  5. Three chopsticks is totally my blunder. Maybe I was thinking one person can be a civilized eater and one can be a prehistoric by stabbing?! Whatever it is, I guess we can just use forks for the time being 🙂
    Surprisingly, I have used most items in my kit despite the fact that I do not have a writing surface.


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