My journey to California will embark in two days (time passes by quickly, is not it?), and as you can imagine, it is unlikely for me not to have any stationery with me.  The above picture shows what I have selected for my trip:

1.  Fountain pens:  yes, I have picked 4.  Perhaps a bit ambitious for a short trip, but all four fountain pens have different nibs and fill with different color ink, I will have a good variety to choose from.  As seen here from the top:  Sailor Lecoule, MF nib with Sailor Jentle Epinard; Pilot Falcon SF nib with Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite; Sailor HighAce Neo F nib with Sailor Nano black; Lamy Al-Star, 1.1 italic nib with Diamine Soft Mint.

2.  4 notebooks:  Each notebook has different ruling.  Fabriano EcoQua has dot-grid, Basic Clairefontaine Life Unplug Roadbook is line ruled, Mnemosyne is grid ruled.  Midori Traveler Notebook is equipped with blank ruled notebook, which I used as a journal/scrapbook.  It is great to be a travelling diary and I can also affix and attach any memorable pieces that I may gather on the road.  All of them are mostly fountain pen friendly.  Since I do owe some letters, EcoQua and Mnemosyne could be simple letter sheets.  Clairefontaine Roadbook’s portability is suitable for jogging down quick thoughts while on the road.

3.  Stamps:  In my past moving experience, postage stamps usually become handy on the most unexpected occasions.  With these stamps, I can easily send off letters once they are completed.  Of course, I always bring postage for both international and domestic mail.  After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.  🙂

What kind of stationery items do you bring with you on a trip?

4 thoughts on “Travel Kit

  1. I always take WAY too much stationery with me on trips, having visions of sitting on a cool verandah somewhere, sipping coffee and writing the afternoon away. Somehow it never works out that way. 🙂


  2. I have the same problem, but it looks like this time I actually do use stationery items I bring. It definitely varies by your travel destination and how you travel on whether you would dip into your travel stationery kit 🙂


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