As my blog title suggests, I have been shuttling between east and west coasts of the US for the past 18 years.  The wind of change is blowing my way once more, I am moving back to California in April.

Though I am very excited about upcoming changes, some reflections on the place I live for the past 3 years are summarized below:

Lamy Al-Star 1.1mm italic nib with Diamine Soft Mint
Pilot Namiki Falcon with Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite

Have you lived far away from home?  What do you miss from places you have lived?


4 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Home? Where is home? Home is anywhere! I think I just want to look forward! Home is where my favorite pen is–and that changes all the time!

    Seriously speaking, home can be and is anywhere.

    Thanks for keeping your blog active.




  2. I have lived in my city for the most part of my life. Like most places, it has it ups & downs, but I don't imagine myself living anywhere else. I like going the capital for shopping but that's it, after a week or so I long for my city.

    Though, I too, would miss the blooming cherry trees.


  3. Hi Bruno,
    Thank you for stopping by! I agree that “home” allegorically speaking can be anywhere you want to be, especially place where cherished items are. It is also nice to have a geographical location to call “home” as reference and a sense of belonging.


  4. I am a rebel since I left home around 12, then move around within the States for the 20 years I am here. Maybe I am just having problem staying put 😉
    Cherry blossoms are a bit late this year. I don't know whether I will have a chance to see it before I leave. Spring has to come sooner!


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