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Maybe I am counting the week a bit differently, but I always think Sunday is the end instead of the beginning of a week.  The pairing of ink and pens are mostly random, but some out of this batch are made deliberately.  To see the sheen and shading of an ink, I usually use an italic or flex nib, hence explain how Diamine Soft Mint (Thank you, Gentian!) and J. Herbin Hematite are paired with the chosen pens.  I have been curious about Sailor Nano ink, not because of its waterproof property, but the brilliance that is similar to sumi ink.  Given that Sailor HighAce Neo writes a bit dry, I thought a nice lubricated ink will go well with it.

What is in your pen barrel this week?


13 thoughts on “Currently Inked

  1. I am currently doing a matchy-matchy thing with my Lamy Safari (used up diamine cerise so I switched to Rouge Opera on my Raspberry Al-star…They are a perfect color match!) and a Pilot Custom heritage 91 with Tsukiyo barrel color (inked with Tsukiyo).


  2. I only have a handful of pens that I can do color matching, since most of my pens are black. The Pilot Custom and Tsukiyo combination sounds beautiful. Still do not know which color will be my first Iroshizuku!


  3. Thank you for your kind compliment 🙂 Noodler's seems to be hard to find outside of the US, but there are a few UK vendors that carry Noodler's products. One being Pure Pens, The price is definitely higher than in the US (Ahab is about $26 in UK compare to $20 in the US), but if you buy from Goulet Pens in US, you will definitely need to pay VAT, custom fees, and other relevant charges. I hope this helps!


  4. I have also used Soft Mint in a 1.1mm Lamy nib and it was also thanks to Gentian, how awesome is that? 🙂 Gentian is a really generous girl.

    I love the inks you chose for your rotation. I currently have 5 pens inked:
    – Namiki Falcon SF with Iroshizuku Tsutsuji
    – Noodler's Konrad with Montblanc Lavender Purple
    – Pilot Prera italic stub with Noodler's Cactus Gruene Eel
    – Platinum Preppy M w/ Rohrer & Klingner Solferino.

    I usually have more variety on my rotation (in nib sizes and colored inks), but most of these were recent acquisitions and I wanted to play with them right away 🙂


  5. you have lovely handwriting! i'm seeing more and more samples of Diamine Soft Mint, and am getting the itch to try a sample, myself. Thanks for the lovely post. =)


  6. Thank you, KP, for your kind words 🙂 Diamine Soft Mint reminds me of a more concentrated J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe, both very springish and refreshing colors. It even resembles a bit of Caran d'Ache's Caribbean Sea.


  7. Yes, I totally agree on Gentian's generosity. I swear she probably has not used up a bottle of ink on her own because she shares so much!
    Your ink rotation begs for the arrival of spring 🙂 It might lighten up anyone's gloomy days. As for ink and nib selections, I usually go with my whim, rotating pens that I have not used awhile. I wish I have more scientific methods.


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