This post is a bit different than other posts in that it does not provide my impression on any stationery product.  It is more like a show-and-tell of a notebook I made recently.

By no means, I am an expert in this endeavor since this is the first notebook I made.  At the end of this post, you will find several links from where I learn and gather ideas for this little project.

For the notebook paper, I use R by Rhodia Bloc, No. 12.  Cover is part of a catalog, covered by handmade paper from India.

Paper and cover all cut to size.  I am using binder clips to keep everything together.
Instead of using an awl and hammer to make holes for sewing, I used a push pin, since there are only 5 sheets of paper.
Probably will not work if you have a dozen.
Excuse my poor sewing job.
Binding from the backside
Secure the sewing with a piece of washi tape
Using a piece of wrapping paper to beautify the cover
Notebook profile view.  Apologies for the bad trimming job!

Some of the sources I use to make this little endeavor possible:


8 thoughts on “DIY notebook

  1. I would expect you to recognize the catalog 😉 Reuse beats recylce, right? I still need to perfect that alignment and such on the notebook. Let me know if you want one, so I can include it in your next little package 🙂


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