• Size:  6×9 inch (16×24 cm)
  • 13-month coverage (available in academic [August to July of next year], or calendar [January to December])
  • Back document pocket
  • Utility pages (address book, International telephone access code, temperature chart of major cities, 2013-2014 calendar, schedule, annual organization at-a-glance (2013-2014), world time zone map, maps of all continents)
  • 8am-7pm format
  • One week per page, grid-ruled note page on opposing side
  • 90g paper, made with PEFC certified sources
  • Black or orange leatherette cover
  • Elastic band closure
I have been using the same refillable planner for the past 10 years, so time for a change!  The Baker was fortunate to win a Rhodia Weekly Notebook in a drawing hosted by Rhodia Drive, but lucky for me, he is not the planner type.  Though the planner is marketed under Rhodia, it is manufactured by QuoVadis.  Similar to other QuoVadis planners, Rhodia planner is sewn bound, which ensure tight binding and less of a chance for pages becoming loose.  Unlike most other QuoVadis planners, Rhodia planner is not refillable.

For a person who has been using a pocket size planner for a long time, the Rhodia planner is definitely generous in space; in fact it is a planner/notebook in one.  I usually use the planner side to jog down of tasks that need to be done, as well as any bills that are becoming due.  The note page is grid-ruled, which can be use in many ways.  I have used the space to keep track of weekly spending, taking notes at meetings, or brainstorming in general.  The planner lays very flat, so one does not need to constantly combatting with flying pages while working.  In addition to dotted corners that one can tear off as weeks pass by, there is a ribbon bookmark to mark one’s place.

What I really like the most about the planner is the paper.  I do not have to consider which pen will work with it because the paper can take practically anything I have used.  It takes all types of fountain pen nibs, including flex, and any brands of ink.  It goes without saying that gel and ballpoint pens work beautifully.  The satin surface facilitates writing in general.  However, the glossy surface can backfire when use a wetter fountain pen and turn pages at the same time.  As you can imagine, I have a lot of ink smudges, which does not bother me much.  🙂

Though most people rely on phones to keep track of contacts, there are still handful of people who depend on old-fashion address book, such as me.  Toward the back of the planner, there is an address book section, that provides efficient space for most alphabets.  There is definitely not enough space if you are extremely popular, but it is enough to record most frequently used contacts.

The document pocket attached to the back cover of the planner is also very handy, especially when you are carrying pieces of paper around and you want the paper stay flat and relatively wrinkle-free.  It also reduces amount of items one carry in the bag, which benefits me a great deal, since I have tendency to overpack.

Overall, I would recommend this planner to people who are looking for a simple and compact planner because it has components of a solid planner.  Weekend has equal amount of space as week days, which is a bit different than some other planner format I have seen in the past.  For most people who have a Monday to Friday job, the space for the weekdays can be a bit limited, especially if the days are crammed with appointments.  For me, since I only record tasks du jour I do not have real estate problem in the aspect.  It has excellent quality paper, so suitable for pen enthusiasts.  The simple aesthetic of the planner design is pleasing to the eyes and functional at the same time.  For those who want to try out a new planner for the new year, Rhodia planner/notebook will be a great choice.


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