stipula 1


“Stipula” etched on the ink window. 


The leaf motif is one of my favorite parts of a Stipula pen




Cap posted



Cap on



12 thoughts on “Stipula Vedo with 1.1 italic nib

  1. Now that's a pretty and elegant pen. Your writing sample is beautiful too, you choose the perfect ink for this pen, the shading is gorgeous.Beautiful pen & review, Shangching!


  2. Thank you for your compliment; the pen did it all on its own 😉 Have you seen other colors in this model? They all look like jewels at first glance.I will remember to give you some of this ink in your next pacakge…


  3. We are on the same wavelength at some point of the day! 😉 I have tried fine, medium, as well as flex nib from Stipula, for some reason, italic remained my favorite. It writes with fluidity and ease. I can't wait to hear what you think of the pen.


  4. It must be same stars or something like that :)I was wondering about Stipula T-Flex but I came across with some unpleasant comments about t-flex on FPN. But italic is always great idea. I love Stipula pens and for now it seems that Vedo is the most affordable one for me. I guess I will have italic too.By the way I inked my Namiki Falcon SF with R&K Verdigris but not very pleased yet. I know it takes a little time to get used to Falcon and besides, Verdigris feathers a lot!


  5. As a modern flex, t-flex is okay, but you could have done the same with a Noodler's, that is why I would not recommend a Stipula flex to others. I am not sure whether you like large or smaller pens, but Stipula's Passaporto and Bon Voyage are other options you can consider. Woo.. you got a Falcon! I have to say it does take me awhile to adapt to the semi-flex nib, and it seems that I am obligated to write nicely with that pen! It has a lot of bounciness (or feedback as the pro will say), so it will force you to write a bit slower than usual. As for Verdigris' feathering problem, one of the suggestions I will make is to gently shake the bottle before you fill the pen. Sometime it corrects the problem. Which paper do you use with it?


  6. I will be the person who agree with you on the feathering of Verdigris. It usually work well in fine nib pens, but feather and bleedthrough badly with broader nib and wetter pens. Since I will flush out Falcon tonight, I will run some test with Verdigris to see whether I get the same result.


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