It just happened that I submitted my thesis to the chair of the committee couple days before the Fountain Pen Day.  While I was tidying up all the notes and drafts I had, I realized that I have handwritten most of my note and almost all of chapter 1 in fountain pen on Rhodia pads.  I also have revised all my chapters by pen at one point or the other.  Mind you, I have written more drafts for each chapter than I liked 😉

Below are the pictures of these handwritten notes.  This is only 1/5 of everything I have dug out.
Pick up a pen (or a fountain pen if you have one) and write something to celebrate and to cherish one of the primary ways for us to communicate with the rest of the world.

Can you tell which ink I have used?
Tons of ink and paper have gone into this thesis, literally built out of trees


Write, cross out, and repeat 


Here comes the feline inspector



6 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Day, Writing, and Thesis

  1. Congratulations Shangching! I do know how it feels just because I completed my LLM in 5 years (1 year classes, I was the top student and 4 years of thesis) and it was such a burden. Now I feel such a relief and I will never dare to go to university again 🙂


  2. So a law degree in Turkey takes 5 years? That is interesting. Most US attorneys just spent 3 years for their law degree, and if they want to specialize, LLM itself is one additional year.I actually don't mind school, just my thesis advisor is tougher than other professors, and that I took too long of a break in between. Anyway, I am hoping he will sign off on it soon!


  3. Sorry to butt in but just wanted to share that in Chile Law School takes 5 years of classes, plus whatever you take on your thesis. And then you have to work for the State for 6 months for free.


  4. Butting in is great! It is a great way to enrich a conversation 🙂 Did the State subsidize any law students' tuition? If that is the case, I am all for public service. I didn't know much about law school until I work at a law school library. Just the amount of debt accumulated and the pressure to find a job are insurmountable. To think that I wanted to go to law school at one time of my life is almost crazy…


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