Organization: Repurposed Pen Box

It occurred to me that I am in a dire need of pen storage when I could not keep track of pens I have inked.  The easier way would be getting one, but I realized that I have many sturdy boxes that I just do not have the heart to toss away.  The idea I came up is to add some cushion to the interior of the box so the pens can be stored without major scratches, in additional to beautify the boxes with some used wrapping paper.
As for the cushion, I used some scrap yarn that I have to knit a piece of fabric, then fold a section up to sew in the compartments.

Top and bottom lids


Refreshing colorway that can brighten the day



Place the “pen case” inside the box
A new home!


12 thoughts on “Organization: Repurposed Pen Box

  1. I know smoking is not good but usually I am asking empty cigar boxes to friends, neighbors. Yes, you right otherwise will be pricey. But its a nice idea to search it into the flea markets.Now I found on Richard Binder Master's web site nice boxes ready to use around 25 or 28$, I seen already that some people sell it often on Ebay.Warm Hugs&Paws from Turkey


  2. Dear Ali,Thank you for kindly providing many helpful links; I started looking at them already! I will let you know what I find online. Hopefully I will get my hand on one in the near future.Warm regards,Shangching


  3. Thank you, Richard, for stopping by! It is such a waste to throw away a perfectly sturdy box. Now I am wondering how else I can make the pen slots for those of us who can't knit. I will post some ideas when I come up with them.


  4. The pen box are looking so beautiful.The idea that,the westage boxes were made to be a pen box is so beautiful.I have some worst box, i will be plan to made that into a gorgeous pen box to using this is so beautiful and perfect storage bin for pens.Thanks for adding this post.Pen Box.


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