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Writing samples are done by Pilot VP (Iroshizuku Ku-jaku, Sailor Clear Candy (Sailor green cartridge, Pelikan M206 Duo (Sailor Ultramarine), and Lamy Al-Star EF nib (Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki)
bound bleedthrough
Backside of a written page



A nice array of colors.  Yes, even the covers are customizable


Some of the page choices (clockwise from upper left):  Grocery list, Address book, Micro Journaling, and Planner.  Please note that all paper are white.  Some appear year due to lighting



More page format (clockwise from upper left):  Music (treble clef), Isometric dot grid, Music (grand), and dot grid.
Cornell note system.  Yes, it is dotted!



Want to let your imagination soar?  Blank is also a viable choice.



Yes, there are line ruled pages.  Moleskine on the left as a paper color comparison



Inside of the cover, both front and back
Staple binding

Curious?  Interested?  Head over to Bound for Anything and see how many variations can you come up!


These notebooks are complimentary samples provided by Joel, founder of Bound Custom Journals.  All opinions expressed here are entirely mine.  Thank you, Joel, for reaching out!

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