Lamy Interchangeable Nibs

You may find Brian’s video on how to remove a Lamy nib with a piece of tape here.

You may acquire Lamy nibs in the following fine pen retailers:

Interested in the ink?

5 thoughts on “Lamy Interchangeable Nibs

  1. Like you, when I re-started seriously in the fountain pen hobby I went with a Lamy, but a Vista EF. I was really drawn for the interchangeable nibs things. It turned to be a wise decision because I HATED the EF nib (too scratchy in my lefty hands). Though I had to ask one of my BF's friends to get me a F nib from Santiago (they didn't sell them here) it was really easy to actually change the tiny nib. Now I can justify my Lamy Safari habit by having different nibs in each :DCurrently I have a Lamy: Vista F, Safari Aquamarine M, Safari Pink soon to be 1.1mm)


  2. I am actually going to get a Lamy EF nib, since I am very drawn to F and EF recently. The calligraphy nibs are probably one of the smoothest I have used. I am so amazed to the point that I wish I have gotten other sizes (I bought other sizes in Kaweco units instead). Perhaps I will go for all other sizes soon!


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