ultramarine ecoqua
Sailor has conquered the selective Fabriano EcoQua



ultramarine printer-001
Feathering can be detected, but not so bad where you see ink pool




13 thoughts on “Sailor Jentle Ultramarine

  1. I was expecting a softer and milder purple but it is a dark purple instead. I also do like their bottles with a cone inside (do we call it cone? I am not sure)About drying time, Rhodia Paper as far as I know extends the drying period a bit and plus a juicy italic nib it takes more than 10 seconds. I guess it should be under 10 with a regular paper and a Medium nib. For shading, I can see them. Not much but still there is shading. It is not like P.R. Chocolat for example. Thank you for great review.


  2. Dear Zeynep: I was expecting Ultramarine to swing to the blue side, but it is still a nice surprise when it turns out to be a nice deep purple. Because of the purplish blue/ bluish purple quality, I have often sneak it in my work writing (such a rebel, am I?) If I recall correctly, Sailor ink dries a bit slower than other ink, but for the lubrication and saturation, I am more than willing to wait that extra time.Yes, there is just a tiny bit of shading, but I still love the rich color. Let me know if you want a sample!


  3. My Dear Shangching,I did liked the color so much, I think I am going to have a full size. I know, one of my favorite stationery shop sells it. Thank you for this review and thank you for make me buy another bottle of ink 🙂


  4. Intensity is probably Sailor's trademark. It is definitely the opposite of J. Herbin's ink. I somehow sneak this color into my work document, and I can only imagine my lovely coworker would comment, why is it purple, wait, blue?


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