I have been eyeing at a RAH STMT kit for quite some time now.  Not sure what really got into me (blame the stress), I did not go through my usual slow and painful deliberation process and purchased the England kit immediately after its release.
The whole kit reminds me a thoughtful souvenir that was put together by a friend, who painstakingly incorporated representative pieces of a place into a package.

Just received a postcard from Ireland before this England kit.  Now I have the British Isles in my hand!
Tube map, a penny Sterling, and a tea bag.  Cannot be more British than that


Now I am officially a RAH member


Small touch like this makes you feel that you have been to the place where RAH sourced
Breakdown of the kit




Interested?  Visit Rad and Hungry‘s site to see what it has to offer!

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4 thoughts on “Rad and Hungry STMT X England Kit Part I: The Packaging

  1. RAH is a wonderful concept, especially for someone like me, who want to travel but do not do it as often as I like to. This is the first time I saw Ahmad Tea, and hey, when it comes to tea, I am an equal opportunity person 😉


  2. Ehehe, you can't make me believe that 🙂 You should have tried a lot of great varieties :)I checked their website and I may guess whey it is interesting for someone living in America. Because Europe is like the "old continent". For us, it is both close and not that old 🙂


  3. For people from a country who are borderline afraid of traveling, or traveling to the most tourist destination possible, RAH is definitely a good option. It is also a great service for those who want to explore different types of stationery. I believe there is merit in every type of tea, but I am not used to ones that are infused with herbs. With that being said, I still like to explore options.


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