Insignia on the cap


Nib. The tines are not widespread as other models




6 thoughts on “Waterman Allure

  1. Shangching, that pen is lovely! I have not tried Waterman pens myself, though there are a couple models available to me locally they haven't really sparked my attention (maybe because I'm more drawn to bright and colorful pens and the ones I've seen are pretty dull). Anyway, looks like a beautiful pen and I'll look into this brand some more thanks to your lovely review~ 🙂


  2. Dear Shangching, I guess this is a Waterman Allure. I have the light blue one. (We have almost same pen collection) Yet I haven't inked mine yet. By the way, it should be very wet. Because as far as I remember Verdigris had a lighter color than that. Loves,


  3. Waterman actually has several models that have "younger" colors, such as Perspective that comes in a pastel blue, and Hemiphere in pearly white. I am very lucky to have a friend who understands and supports my addict, otherwise, I would not have known a great pen 🙂


  4. Dear Zeynep, thank you very much for letting me know! Though I kept the original packaging, the model name was not indicated anywhere. I guess I must be too excited about the gift to bother to remember the name :p In my experience with R&K's Verdigris, it has been that dark, even in a Kaweco fine nib. Maybe I am write too heavyhandily?


  5. Really, you might have a bit pressure on the pen. Because you know, when you order something from Goulet pens, they write you a note and they also note the pen and ink. I first saw Verdigris there. It was a bit lighter from that. And it may be because the pen is wet enough. [Insert a not sure meme here]:)


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