Iroshizuku Kiri-Same


kiri fabri 1


6 thoughts on “Iroshizuku Kiri-Same

  1. Shangching, I think it is a great ink and I love your handwriting. Maybe I liked the ink, because of your handwriting :)You know I have MB oyster grey and I feel like writing with a wet pencil when I use it with a wet Medium or Broad. Have you tried it any nibs other than italic?


  2. I usually don't like gray and I am very glad that Gentian sent me a sample of it, so I can appreciate it. The wider nib of course helps bring out the shading, but I only wish that it is as stable as Sailor ink that works on almost all types of paper.


  3. Thank you for your sweet compliment. The ink is very pretty on its own right, and my writing has improved ever since I practice more often. It still has lots of room for improvement though :)I wonder about using the ink with a finer nib. I will try it out tonight and let you know.


  4. What I did is that I consulted a book I have on italic first, and practiced off that. When I become more familiar and comfortable, I start to add my own elements into my writing. Usually practicing with some form of grid paper helps because it provides some rubric and guide. The book I have is very basic, but straight forward. If you would like to see a page or two, I don't mind scanning it for you.


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