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One of the ways for me to utilize my stationery item to the fullest extent is to find opportunities to write as much as possible by hand.  What is a better chance than a thesis?  I can recall details a bit easier if I have written it down beforehand.  It is also handy when I do not want to bring my laptop with me, I can simply scribble down thoughts on paper.  
This handy plastic portfolio is something I found when I went home several years ago.  I saw my sister using several of them to organize class notes, and thought it was better than clumsy three-ring binders.  The plastic cover protects paper from becoming crinkly, but it is still pliable that you can crease when not handled with care.
I love the random phrases.

 Pages are held together with two rings.  You can unclasp and snap close relatively easily.  People with larger fingers might have trouble undoing the ring.

 Here is the inner pages.  I use Maruman Art spiral paper, which I happen to have a load.  A similar paper would be Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper carried by JetPens.

 I just cannot help to take a picture of the back cover.  I think that is the whimsical part of Asian stationery, having phrases that do not make whole lot of sense.

4 thoughts on “Thesis and stationery

  1. Aww… What was your focus, if you don't mind me asking? At least having a LLM will give you the license for a specific career. Masters of Art in History probably just shows that you are a history buff :pThe porfolio is light weight and I find it cute. Too bad I can't find them in the States, otherwise, I would send you one.


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