Eraser Review: Pentel Ain Clic Eraser

Other than curiosity, I bought this click eraser to make up the fact that there is no eraser component for the Uni-Ball Style Fit. Its compact size fits in most pencil pouches, yet comfortable to hold.  Most click erasers I had in the past were cylindrical in shape, Pentel Ain Clic eraser is triangular that is ergonomic and easy on the hand even after prolong use.


Most click erasers I have seen comprise of two pieces, the body and the eraser.  Pentel Ain has three:  the outer body, eraser dispensing system, and an eraser.  The clip feels a bit thin, especially when force is exerted.  When three components are put together, the eraser feels rather sturdy, but still not as substantial as Staedtler’s stick eraser.


Compare to Pentel’s Clic eraser, Ain Clic eraser’s texture is harder and less pliable.  The eraser refill covers in a bit of dust when completely taken out.  The eraser is retracted by push mechanism, so instead of pushing the clip up and down the grooves and making loud noises, one gently pushes the eraser out by clicking, similar to the motion of pushing out lead out of a mechanical pencil.  The triangular shaped eraser has big enough of a tip to erase a large area, and can handle detailed erasing by using either of the tips.


The above image compares Pentel Ain with other brands of erasers.  It definitely erases better than Coleto’s eraser component, given how skinny the eraser is.  When compare to a traditional bar eraser, Pentel Ain still does not erase as completely.


I have devised a very simple test on the amount of dust that Pentel Ain produces, by using each eraser to erase two lines of identical length made by the same pencil.  Compare to Staedtler Mars Plastic, Pentel Ain produces slightly more dust, but not in the gasping amount that a refill would be gone in a short time.

Overall, Pentel Ain is an eraser with great portability.  Ideal for students (remember all those math questions?  This eraser can take care of a minor miscalculation to the disappearance of all calculation on paper).  The refill does not break off as easily as Pentel Clic eraser, so if you erase with conviction (like me, more like with brutal force), you won’t have to worry about losing a chunk of the eraser.  It is non-abrasive to paper, so it won’t thin the paper or leave a permanent black spot.  It is also ecological because it is refillable.

Need one for first day of school?  You can find both the eraser body and refill at JetPens.

*DISCLAIMER:  This item is purchased with JetPens‘ generous sponsorship.  I am not affiliated with the company professionally.  All the opinions made here are entirely mine.*

2 thoughts on “Eraser Review: Pentel Ain Clic Eraser

  1. Nice review, thank you. I am currently using Milan 4024 and not very happy. I think I will throw it away without waiting to use it completely. I will continue with Steadler Mars which was a gift from you 🙂


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