Gel Pen Review: Zebra Pticolon Brown, Vanilla scented

Zebra Pticolon Brown Gel Pen.  The vanilla scent is warming.
rectangular cap that does not prevent the pen from rolling for some reason.

.8mm tip.
Might be too bold for those who prefer microtip, but it ensures the nice flowing of a thicker ink.
Here comes the review…

 Zebra Pticolon Scented Gel Pen
(Brown; vanilla scented)
I probably have said something similar in my previous posts that writing should be a holistic experience that captures all sort of sensory stimulation.  Scented ink definitely brings together that sort of sensation.  When I see Pticolon, I could not resist to get one because it is scented.
The pen measures 15 cm (5.9 inch when capped) and 16cm (6.3 inch uncapped). The pen cap is meant to match the color of the ink and is rectangular in shape.  I suspect that the shape of the cap is to prevent rolling of the pen, but this pen rolls quicker than Speedy…
Gonzalez!  The reason could be that there is no pen clip to stop it.
The grip area of the pen is consisted of ripple of grooves.  It is not particularly comfortable to hold, but at least it is there for those who like to use it.
Just an observation.  The tip of the refill for Pticolon stick out a lot more than other pens.  It does not affect the performances, just the matter of aesthetics.

How does Pticolon write?  Similar to other craft gel pens, it writes wet, so the drying time is a tag longer than regular gel pens.  Since the ink is thicker, the tip point is bound to be larger.  For those who adore micropoint might find Pticolon bold.  The ink flow is very steady.   Some craft pens (such as Sakura Souffle) need some “warmup” scribbles before the ink flows freely, but Pticolon starts right the way, every time I write.  However, under some circumstances, there will be train track in the stroke (color outline with hollow white space).  It does not happen often, but it makes me wonder if hold the pen at a wrong way, or the ball occasionally gets stuck.

The fragrance is not overpowering (i.e. giving me a headache), but it lasts long enough for the receiver to grasp a faint idea of the scent.  Bear in mind that the fragrance might not match closely to the label scent.  Given sense of smell is somewhat culturally constructed, the scent “make sense” to those who were raised in similar cultures.

The ink dries more matte than the ink’s initial contact with paper.  When set, the ink is more pearlescent. The hue is more of a champagne pink than brown.
Is there anything I don’t like about this pen?  Well, It is not refillable, so you would need to get a brand new pen once you are done. The ink also depletes quicker than average gel pens. After using it daily for several days, I probably have used up 1/4 of it.
Bottom line, Pticolon is a unique pen in that it satisfies both the eyes and the nose.  It will definitely add a sparkle or two in your correspondence and project.  
Want to take a whiff of the scent yourself?
JetPens:  comes in an 8-color set only; $13.50
MyMaido:  8 colors sold separately; $1.50/ each
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6 thoughts on “Gel Pen Review: Zebra Pticolon Brown, Vanilla scented

  1. While I understand and appreciate the effort of trying to accurately depict the ink, the pearlescent effect makes it kinda hard to read. This is not at all your fault, but maybe for these types of 'tricky' inks could you provide a transcription for those of us with less-than-perfect sight? :pAnyway the pens seems really fun to use and though I have never tried scented pens, I'm curious about it 🙂


  2. Sorry about the blurriness and reflection in the images! By any chance, did you read the original version (1 page per image) or the later revision ( 2images per page)? I will transcribe the text along with the pics and maybe that will be easier after all 🙂


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