Organics Studio is one of the newer ink brands that catches many’s attention.  It released a DC Fountain Pen Supershow only ink (limit to 100 bottles) called Foggy Bottom.  It is a warm and dark honey color, and it behaves quite well with a variety of paper.  
written review
On Maruman ArtSpiral
On Fabriano EcoQua
Packaging.  I am quite fond of that cuttlefish.

Good thing is that it has a wider mouth for easy refills.
Bad thing is if you are as clutsy as me, some tipping accident could be detrimental.
Open bottle. 
I would love to tell you where you may purchase this ink, but it is limited to the show only.  You may, however, check out Organics Studio’s site for other lovely colors!


9 thoughts on “Ink Review: Organics Studio Foggy Bottom

  1. Thank you for stopping by, Matthias. Organics Studio is a new startup company, found by a organic chemistry student. It is actually a local business as well (in Maryland). It gives me the same vibe as Noodler's, very simple and straightforward ink, very little extra pomp and circumstance.


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