2012 Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow

I am one of the lucky people who attended this year’s Fountain Pen Supershow in D.C.  I did not realize how close I lived to where the show was until last year (about 20 minutes drive, and no, I did not choose where I live based on the show :p) when I attended for the first time.
We arrived at the hotel around 8:45AM and there were already a line of attendees eager to enter.  One good thing about being there a tad early was to avoid the eventual swarm of the crowd.  Overall, I enjoyed my time spent there, and I also got to visit vendors that I didn’t get to the last time.
Edison Pen.  Can you decide which body you would like?

Stipula is usually featured at the show, as well as other labels that were distributed by Yafa.  I got a chance to try out a T-Flex, Stipula’s flex nib.  The ink flow is more consistent compare to a simple flex like Noodler’s Ahab, but it definitely does not flex as much as a vintage.

Bon Voyage by Stipua, an updated version of Passaporto


Stipula Vedo with pearly bodies

I could be overlooking, but it seemed to me that there are less vendors selling inks this year compared to the last.  It was, nevertheless, a great chance for anyone who wanted to stock up on ink, since most vendors would offer a good deal.

One of my purchases was a pen show only ink by Organics Studio called Foggy Bottom, a warm sepia.  Organics Studio is a newly founded company by Tyler Thompson, an organic chemist.  Their ink is quite interesting, since most of them are named after elements.

This is probably one of the highlights of the show (in my humble opinion), nib testing station by Sailor.    I have been interested in different nibs by Sailor for quite awhile now, so it was exciting to play with so many of them.  I got to try out Zoom, Music and Extra Fine nibs.  Glad to know that I did not impulsively buy a Zoom nib, since it wrote close to a BBB.  Last I heard, Itoya would be their distributor in the US, so they would be more accessible to consumers.


Yes, it is B.B. King’s guitar.

Many choices, just depends on what you are looking for.

Lobby area

I did not have an impressive haul this year.  Besides Organics Studio Foggy Bottom, I had my Pelikan BB nib ground to a cursive italic by Mike Masuyama, so technically I made a new pen out of an existing one.  If you have received any handwritten correspondence from me, you would know how pathetically small my lettering were.  Reasonably, a BB nib will make my sentences looking like ink globs.  Now the nib is more useful to me and I can still use it in its highlighter capacity.

One thing I observe in the show is that most feature pens are on the larger side, which could be unfriendly for writers with smaller hands.  There are definitely more Pelikan pens than last year.  There are some Pilot and Sailor around, but definitely remain as minorities.


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