Since Style Fit and Coleto supposed to be competitors, which one is better?  In my opinion, they are both lovely writing utensils.  At the end, it really depends on what you are looking for and your preference.

Below is a chart that summarizes the technical aspects of both Style Fit and Coleto:

Style Fit Coleto
Length 5.71 inch (5-color) 5.5 inch(4-color)
Girth 1.63 inch (5-color) 1.5 inch (4-color)
Pen Body Size 1, 3, 5 color 2, 3, 4, 5 color
Numbers of refill color 16 15
Refill tip sizes .28mm,.38mm, .5mm, .7mm .3mm, .4mm, .5mm
Ballpoint Refill yes, .7mm and 1.0mm no
Mechanical Pencil Component .5mm .3mm and .5mm
Eraser Component no yes
Stylus Component no yes
Grip no yes on certain models
Pen Body Price $3.30 – 16.50 $1.65 – 16.50
Refill Price $1.35 – 2.15 $2.20
Style Fit and Coleto Comparison
Both pens look quite similar, as seen below.  Both are made with durable hard plastic, so it is a good pen to carry in backpacks and purses.  I am not the most dainty person when it comes to tossing pens into my tote. Thus far, both pens survived without major cosmetic damages.  In aspect of pen body variety, both brands provide enough selection to cater to most taste.  From what I observe, Coleto has a bit more series than Style Fit, while Style Fit has limited release on pen bodies.  The observation is concluded based on what JetPens has to offer. There might be more offering oversea that I am not aware of.
Knocker Style
Both pens’ internal spring systems are very similar…
Until you see the knockers.  Notice that the Style Fit body comes with permanent knockers, while Coleto’s are with the refills.  One of the advantages to have knockers on the pen body itself is that refills do not rattle as much, and the size of the knockers are the same, thus uniform in appearance.  If you look closely, Coleto differentiates the knockers for mechanical pencil and eraser components, so the writer can feel the difference by touch.  In fact, Coleto knockers are color-coded with the size of the tip embossed on them.  The color and tip size differentiation on Style Fit is on the refills themselves.
See the difference?
Essentially both refills are about the same length.
Coleto’s appears longer due to the knocker segment.
Refill packaging
As I mentioned in the post on Style Fit, the packaging of the refill is mesmerizing in that each refill comes in its own tube.  Coleto refills, in contract, has relatively streamline packaging that it comes in a simple plastic bag.  Though it is less cumbersome, I always wonder whether packaging itself has effect on shelf life of these refills, despite the plastic nodule affixed at the tip of the refill.  
Loading Method
Coleto, on the left, is loaded from the top.  It can be a bit tricky at first because there is only one way to correctly load the refill into its designated spot.  One of the ways to tell is to lightly tap on the knocker to see if it bounces back.  If it is loaded awkwardly, the spring will not respond as willingly.  
Style Fit, in comparison, takes that guess work out of refilling.  Simply twist off the front part of the pen, gently push the refill into the chamber after aligning the refill to the hole.  
To my eyes, Coleto resembles more to a needle point than traditional rollerball, thus for those who write heavy handed might bend the tip.  Style Fit appears more sturdy because it has a larger writing tip, so even if you exert some pressure on it, you won’t feel as if you are about to snap off the pen.  
Both refills, however, write much smoother than their standalone version. I understand that they are just the multipen version, but I can use finer tip in both Coleto and Style Fit than Hi-Tec-C and Uni-Ball Signo DX.  

Mechanical Pencil
Mechanical pencil components of the two are very similar.  To refill, you need to gently twist of the front segment of the pencil (I know it seems to be a horrific thing to do to a dainty pencil component, but it will save you from buying multiple components down the road), insert the lead to the metal tip, and reassemble.  As you push the knocker, it will take the lead awhile to appear.  Both components come with 3 pieces of lead, Pilot Eno and Uni-Ball NanoDia respectively.  Both brands of lead are known for their durability and low-wear.  If you are into fine and precise writing, Coleto have both .3mm and .5mm mechanical pencil options, while Style Fit only has .5mm.  I personally love how fine .3mm writes, but it does take awhile to get used to.  That .2mm difference made a big difference in how you write!

Mechanical pencil components
I think both pens have each of their own forte, and each has something that I particularly enjoy.  I like the color variety of Style Fit refills, but Coleto offers a wider variety of components that fit everyone’s lifestyle.  They are both customizable and can easily streamline anyone’s pencil box.  The use of them is infinite.  Either pen will be ideal for purpose of studying, for example, to show hierarchy of notes.  It is also great for bookkeeping, designated one color for different spending categories.  
This comparison is by no means exhaustive.  In case there is something you are wondering, please feel free to ask!
In case you are interested…

12 thoughts on “Gel Pen Reivew: Uni-Ball Style Fit v. Pilot Coleto

  1. Thanks for this review! I have been wondering what is the difference between the two and which one to get. I like the needle point design so I might get the Coleto after all. I always thought they were ball point pens. So the Coleto comes in rollerball refills? It's great because I don't like BPs… what is the "stylus component"?


  2. Both Coleto and Style Fit are gel rollerballs. In my opinion, Coleto writes a bit dryer than Style Fit, but it all depends on how you like it. One of the ways to determine is to try Hi-tec-C and Signo DX (their standalone version) to see which one you like better.The stylus is the pointing device meant for tablets and PDA. Kind of neat for Coleto to have one!Please feel free to ask additional questions!


  3. Thanks for your awesome review. I love how Coleto tip tapered more than Stylefit n enjoy the colored knockers personally. Much more user friendly. Love needle tip pens too! However I had to make a painful switch. Reason : Coleto Hi Tec inks r non waterproof while Stylefit n Sasara multi pen ones are waterproof! Thats so important! My scribbled important notes are smudge beyond recognition at the slightest contact with water. So users please keep this in mind if U can't decide which multi pen to settle. Ot a shame Pilot r still producing non waterproof inks. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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