I have a confession to make:  I am addicted to multipens.  It could be that I am attracted to the idea that I do not have to pick and choose which colors I need to include in my pencil pouch; I can have it all in one little neat pen!
Style Fit has been on my radar for the past year, but I have been delaying the purchase because I bought two Hi-Tec-C Coleto and I have not heard much about Style Fit.  We all have to take a leap of faith when we try out new products, right?  

 The pen body is made with sturdy hard plastic.  Similar to other Japanese stationery items, it has a label  of usage affixed onto the pen body that is easily removable and does not leave any residue.  It measures 14.5 cm (≈ 5.71inch) in length and the girth of a 5-color body is 4.5 cm (≈ 1.77 inch).  It is slightly chubbier than 4-color Coleto.  My hand is a bit small, so this pen is on a thicker side; however, after slightly adjust the way I hold the pen, it becomes a bit more comfortable.  

Pen body and its refills.  The color is Peach Cocktail
The knockers

One interesting feature of the pen body is that the pen clip is actually one of the knockers.  Even for someone who does not utilize the clip, it at least serves some function, as well as streamlines the overall aesthetics.

I wonder whether I can repurpose these tubes in anyway?
They are just so nifty looking.

I think the packaging fro the refill is quite neat.  Unlike other refills that are packaged in plastic wrapping, Style Fit refills come in tubes.  To open, gently twist the knob at the end, and you will see that the knob doubled as an additional tip protector (each refill has a blue gum at the tip that prevent ink from drying out and need to be removed before usage).  For a split second, the packaging reminds me of the cryogenic cases that appear in sci-fi movies.  The packaging could be excessive to some people, but in my opinion, the extra packaging might help extending shelf life of these refills, and it will not dry out as quickly.  The refills are available in 16 colors, 4 tip size options (.28mm, .38mm, .5mm, and .7mm; please note that .7mm is only available in black, red, and blue), and mechanical pencil component (.5mm).  Ballpoint refills are also available.

Sorry for a less focused picture.
You can get whole lot of information from the barrel itself.

Each refill has size and name printed on the body
Another nifty feature on Style Fit’s refills is that tip size and color are printed on the body.  Since 1/3 of the barrel is clear, one can easily discern the tip size and color name.  This feature facilitates future ordering, and referral (in case someone is eyeing at your pen). 

When it comes to pens, I like to take it apart (without breaking it) to figure out how it works.  The beauty of a multipen is that you need to dissemble it to refill it.  To refill, twist off the front part of the pen boy, and insert the refill through the holes in the chamber.  Be sure to push the refill in all the way (you will hear a faint clicking sound); otherwise, when you push down the knocker, the refill will be released and stuck in the barrel.

Writing sample of Style Fit.
Yes, I technically carry about 15 pens with me in 3 multipens.
Style Fit is essentially a dressier version of Uni-Ball DX.  In fact, single pen body is available, and it will take specific single pen refill from Uni-Ball.  I assume that Style Fit will write similarly to DX.  It turns out I have underestimated Style Fit.  Since I write heavy-handed, I usually cannot use finer tip size in DX because I would end up poking holes on paper due to scratchiness.  With Style Fit, not only I can use .28mm tip size, but the paper also remains intact.  The color is vibrant, writing is precision, and the pen writes smoothly.  There is no bleedthrough and showthrough, and the ink is suitable for all paper types.  
Overall, I highly recommend Style Fit for those who like colors.  It is ideal for note taking, since you can easily switch between colors to show hierarchy of information.  The portability of this pen will not sacrifice the color selection.  One minor drawback of the pen is that no eraser component is available, only a tiny eraser at the tip of the pen available on Mystar 5-body pen body.  The functionality of the eraser might be compromised by its size, so I would suggest to bring a click eraser along if you choose to include the mechanical pencil component.  The 5-color body is a bit wider than other multipens, so minor discomfort could occur initially, especially if you have smaller hand.  In my experience, I overcome it pretty quickly once I slightly adjust the way I hold the pen.
Still unsure about Style Fit?  Here are some more reviews on the same product:
Interested in putting together your own Style Fit?  Check it out at JetPens!
Pen bodies:  $3.30 to $16.50, varied by body style and material.
Refills:  $1.35 to $1.65
*DISCLAIMER:  This product is purchased with JetPens‘ generous sponsorship.  I am not affiliated with the company professionally; I am only a satisfied customer.*

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