Eraser review: Iwako Zoo Novelty Eraser Giraffe

I recently received a sample selected at random from JetPens.  To my surprised, I found this cute little fellow in the package:
Giraffe does not need to have a long neck to be cute.
A giraffe eraser by Iwako!  I have zero immunity to anything cuddly and adorable, so it is delightful to receive it to review.  I cannot stop smiling when I look at it.
Back of a giraffe

Details of the mane and the back.

It can be taken apart…

No giraffe was hurt in the process of review; it was quickly reassembled.

I swear I am an animal lover! 

On the eraser packaging, it specifically indicates that the product is not suitable for children under age of 3 because how the eraser can be taken apart, thus explain the possible choking hazards.  Unlike some Japanese erasers I have used in the past, Iwako eraser does not have any floral or fruity fragrance to entice young children to eat it.  I see Iwako erasers to be both entertaining and educational.  Kids can definitely learn to identify various animals, and because it can be disassembled, it can double as a puzzle for kids to put together.

Because they are in various shapes, the texture of Iwako eraser is between a generic pink eraser and Staedtler Mars Plastic; it is not very pliable, but it also increases the durability and prevents breakage.  In my pot of odd assumptions, tough and rubbery erasers usually do not erase well, so would this cute giraffe defies my supposition?

The short answer is yes!  In the above rudimentary test, Iwako giraffe performs almost equally well as Staedtler Plastic Mars, and better than Hi-Tec-C Coleto eraser cartridge.  In defense of the eraser cartridge, it is meant to be a portable eraser and designed to erase a smaller area, not heavy duty erasure.    Since the overall texture of Iwako erase is on the harder side, one may use giraffe’s ossicone or ears to erase smaller spots.

Sorry for the poor lighting, but it gives you some ideas on the amount of dust.
Iwako giraffe does not produce a tremendous amount of dust either.  The above picture shows how much you can expect from erasing a row of scribbles.
Here is a better news.  In case you do not want the giraffe to be lonely, a set of six animals is also available for purchase, including giraffe, elephant, panda, horse, pig and a cow.
Interested in getting your own?  Check it out at JetPenspage.

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*DISCLAIMER* I am in no way associated with JetPens professionally.  I am merely a satisfied customer.  All opinions reflected in this entry are entirely mine.

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