Azizah at Gourmet Pens must be elated when I get Sailor Apricot because she would not need to listen to my pining for it.  Ever since Gentian generously shares her Sailor inks with me, I am more than impressed by the qualities and shades of them.  
Doesn’t the ink jar look so adorable?  

The inkwell has greater opening than other brands I have for the reason that all Sailor ink jars come with a reservoir, which comes in handy when you fill the fountain pen.   With the cap fastens, you turn the bottle upside down so the ink will fill the reservoir compartment, then it is ready for filling.  As you can see in the picture below, there is a smaller compartment that is in the center of the reservoir where you place the nib.  It ensures that the nib stays put to avoid possible splattering.  For someone as clumsy as me, the reservoir is a godsent in that I do not need to wish that I am an octopus to make sure the bottle will not tip and the fountain pen will not escape.

See the brim of the reservoir against the edge of the bottle?
The color is a brilliant orange, to some angle it can appear neon orange.  Perhaps I can double the ink as highlighter!
Can you see the neon hue?
Click to enlarge the image
Apricot on Fabriano.  It behaves so well on a rather picky paper.
Apricot on normal 20lb printing paper.
Though it feathers (thanks to the BB nib), it is still gorgeous.

Interest in your own jar?  Head over to JetPens to check out other beautiful colors in the same line!


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