Given my infatuation with Sailor ink and Gentian’s incessant praise on their pens, I decided to check it out for myself.  I was attracted by Sailor Lecoule’s design with the colored translucent cap in contrast to the pearly white body.  The bottom tip of the pen matches with the cap in color.  Besides green, it is available in navy blue, red, black, and purple.  
Simple packaging, so you will pay attention to the pen.
Lecoule in its natural habitat. 

The overall design of Lecoule reminds me of a larger size of Kaweco Sport.  It is almost 5 inches in length so it is great for both big and small hands.  The cap is a screw-on, with a simple silver trim at the bottom.

The cap.  It is almost a half demonstrator.
Isn’t she a beauty?
Backside of the cap.

Sailor has an interesting nib classification that it has in-between sizes.  Lecoule is only available with MF nib, but other Sailor pens can be equipped with EF, F, MF, M, B, Zoom, and Music.

Plain nib design, only has Sailor’s anchor insignia
 When looked closely, the tines on Lecoule’s nib hug very closely to the feed, unlike some other nibs where the tines extended out a bit further, which resemble a sting ray.  

Lecoule, if I am identifying the language correctly, means flows in French.  Does it flow nicely as it is named?  For a MF nib, it writes fabulously.  One observation I made is that Sailor pens write finer than other brands.  As shown in the writing sample below, MF is about the same width, if not a tiny bit skinner, than an European fine.  Because it is a finer nib, it should be expected that it writes drier and a bit scratchier than larger nibs initially.  When it pairs with more lubricated inks (i.e. Sailor Jentle), it will write beautifully.  For those who are used to larger nibs, the adjustment period might be a tad longer.  
Lecoule’s writing sample

Lecoule does come with two cartridges, and in my knowledge, Sailor pens only take its own cartridges, since standard Internaional short is a bit narrower than the barrel.  You can definitely fill the clean empty cartridge with syringe, but if you want to avoid inkwell tipping accident, fret not, there is a converter for it that can be found here.

Pair it with a converter to make it perfect!

In my opinion, it is a nice entry level pen, especially for those people who are interested in Japanese fine nib.  Its feather weight ensure portability, and the simple design is aesthetically appealing.  
Would like one for yourself?  Check out JetPens‘ Lecoule selections!

17 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Review: Sailor Lecoule MF nib

  1. Kind of a fluffy question: is the "green" one really green, or is it more of a turquoise? It's hard to tell in the photos, and I need a pen for green ink for specific annotations. Thanks!


  2. I love the green and white combination. Thanks for reviewing this. I haven't really tried many of the Sailor steel nibs, other than the Ink Pen, but even though it is $1.50 pen it still writes well 🙂


  3. I found the Ink Pen on Daiso's website, but the minimum purchase is 16… I guess we will have to initiate a group purchase for that…I am so bad that I borrow Jon's pen to review, but I guess it also helps with my own purchase decision… muhaha..


  4. Thanks! Just read your update. I've been considering getting a Sapporo/Pro Gear actually, all the more because both models come in pink demonstrator form as well (pink and purple are my favorite colors, along with red when it comes to pens and certain items). However, being a poor college student, there is no way I can possibly afford one right now so I've set my eyes on a (purple!) Lecoule instead. Thank you for clearing up the sole issue I have regarding my new goal pen. 😀


  5. Sorry for my delayed response; for the last several weeks I was moving cross the country and settling in my new place. I am glad that the update clears up the issue. I am unsure whether you have heard, Sapporo Mini has been discontinued in the US, so maybe you will be able to find a vendor trying to clear the stock. While writing the update, I recall how nicely the nib performs. To some, Lecoule might feel a bit plasticky, but it is lightweight and dependable. Best of luck on the purchase! 🙂


  6. “Would like one for yourself ?”
    – Yes I do ! the Green too
    A “Lapis lazuli” twoo
    A “Garnet” too.
    Le vert a un corps blanc délicatement nacré. Ces deux couleurs me font penser au printemps, au muguet notamment. In english, “Lily of th valley” is more nice. Le vert feuillage et la blanche clochette.
    Le Lecoule est très agréable et confortable dans ma main.
    Malheureusement le Kaweco Sport est trop raide.


    1. La plume du Lecoule est plus rugueuse que celui du Clear Candy, bien qu’elles soient mêmes. Pour moi, Lecoule eat Kaweco Sport sont confortables dans ma main de la même manière.


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