De Atramentis inks attract a wide variety of people with diverse series of inks.  One of the lines that often caught my eyes is the historic people series because I wonder how does De Atramentis determine who gets what color?  The Baker picked up Beethoven out of appreciation for his work being a classicly trained French horn player.  I, on the other hand, am intrigued about how this brown color matches up to Beethoven’s temptuous personality.

The brown turns out to be warm and a bit flirtatious, similar to some of Beethoven’s more uplifting and jovial tunes.  To my eyes, it even has a bit of purplish hue. When used with dip pen, the ink appears as a shade that resemble 72% dark chocolate, which matches the darker side of Beethoven’s personality.

De Atramentis Beethoven


Beethoven on regular 20 lb printer paper
Beethoven on Fabriano

Should you be interested…


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