We expect things we purchase to work, especially if it is something that gives you that warm and fuzzy feelings inside.  Alas, like many other things in life, some items just do not work as well as we expected.  When JetPens released the new arrival e-mail, I set my eyes on the Plus Deco Rush Decorative Pen with hippo design.  It looked like a product that would brighten up any correspondence or scrapbook.  

It is very compact in size in that it is big enough to fit in any pencil pouch and not cumbersome in hand.        This decorative tape pen is fashioned similar to correction tape, but different from the tape, you need to push the knocker to reveal the tape dispenser.  The retractable feature both ensures the portability as well as protection to the tape again scratches.  

Small packaging, but a whole lot of cuteness!

For firmer grip and comfort, there is a rubber piece where the index finger can rest on.

One of the best features I would say about Decorative Pen is that it can be taken apart, and it is refillable!  Both eco-conscious and convenient because hypothetically, you can purchase cartridges of different design with only one pen body.  

The tape itself is made with thin plastic adhesive with print on it.  Can you see why I am drawn to it?  All the cute chubby hippos!  

One more shot of cuteness

Here comes the other shoe.  The tape is extremely fragile and it will come apart when any force is exerted.  It reminds me the correction tape when it first came out.  Due to the delicate nature of the tape, it makes the application of the tape dicey.  It took me awhile to figure out how to run the tape without tearing images of hippos too much.  As the images below show, some of the hippos are rather tattered.

Some stay intact, some do not
Poor hippo.. snap in half because of my improper usage 

To prevent breaking pu of the hippos,  I try not to push the dispenser down too hard and pull the tape as gently as I can.  Though hippos are whole again, there is slight crinkling of the tape.  Given the difficult in applying the tape, I would assume it is hard to remove it; unfortunately, it does not work that way.  My first usage of the tape is to seal an aerogram, about three seconds after sealing all the openings pop opening; hence, the tape is only for decorative purpose albeit a fragile one.

March of the hippo, though some of them look rather sad.
Though the tape does not deliver as I expected, I still think the product has potentials.  The packaging and the idea of refilling need very little modification, if the tape quality/ texture can change then the product will be even more adorable than now!
Should you be interested in this particular design or other options, visit JetPens.  


9 thoughts on “Plus Deco Rush Decorative Pen- Hippos

  1. Hippo is probably the biggest saving grace of this product 😉 I really hope the company will take in customer's feedback! Unless my Hulk hand is just too much for the tape..


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