Call me capricious, I am always on the lookout for better way to organize my ink, or at least giving me a better idea of what I have.  Recently I received the prize from Shoplet’s Avery bag giveaway, and one of the items is a D-ring binder and some whimiscally designed dividers.  Immediately I thought of using them to do ink cataloging.  Though my initial ink cataloging effort was manageable, it is always difficult to gauge how many blank pages to leave between different ink brands.  A binder system would be more versatile for that task.

Neat dividers, don’t you think?

All the brands are arranged alphabetically.
They were written in pencil in case any correction is needed in the future.
For the ink entry itself, criteria still stay the same, I alter the arrangement of the information a little bit.  I start with a swab, then follow by information that might affect future repurchasing, or just for comparative reference.  The current system is great to compare colors that might be similar since the pages can be easily rearranged and removed.  
The paper I use is 32 lb glossy laser paper by Hammermill.  Since this is my first laser paper purchase, I do not have any reference point; however, the paper seems to hold various inks well, only with occasional and minimal bleedthrough on some spots.  

How do you keep track of your ink purchases?

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