I have a change of mind on J. Herbin, a good one as well.  Thanks to JetPens‘ generous sponsorship, I have the chance to rectify the injustice that I have been done to the ink.  Though it might not be as saturated compared to other inks, Bleu Pervenche has a sense of translucence that shows both the delicacy of the ink and the paper.  

Minute bleedthrough and feathering.  Not bad compare to other ink.
Totally not a regular paper type of ink
Comparison between all different shades of turquoise.
Bleu Pervenche, in comparison, appears as sky blue.
Caribbean Sea resembles more of seafoam blue, and De Atramentis is a lighter shade of teal.

Other stellar reviews on the same ink:


13 thoughts on “Ink Review: J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche (Periwinkle Blue)

  1. actually, the De Atramentis looks pretty too… oh no i need to make a choice again! :(or actually, maybe it's your handwriting that makes just about everything look nice… -turns green-


  2. De Atramentis' ink is interesting in their variety and spins they put on ink; however, it can be finicky on types of paper you use. Thank you for the compliment! I am a mere novice and it can be messy when I am not as attentive!


  3. “Bleu pervenche” is beautiful, even if I don’t like writing with blue inks. It reminds me school and when we did not have a lot of choice in comparison with today. Generally, I like very much the J. Herbin’s transparence, full of “légèreté”. Unfortunatly, I avoid some of them, too “flashies”, agressive for my eyesight. Next tests : some reds J. Herbin. Would I could write with ? Ordinary, I don’t apreciate opaque reds. To be continued…
    And I enjoy “Cacao du Brésil”. Dark, but transparent. Extraordinaire !


    1. Red ink is a tough color in general. I have the Rouge Hematite for probably 5 years now and I have only managed to use it during Christmas.
      I have heard good things about Cacao du Bresil from multiple people, but I am usually more cautious when purchasing brown ink. It can definitely pass as black, but for some reason, I do not like it as much.
      As for blue ink, I have been avoiding it for ages also because of school. The first J. Herbin ink I have tried was bleu myosotis– big mistake. It was rather gray and depressing. I do, however, like Pelikan’s Koenigsblau because of its purple undertone.


  4. “Rouge hematite” is one the inks made for spectacular, original “effects”, sheen. It is interesting to test them. I have a “Gris orage” sample used with a calligraphic dip pen. It is a medium and beautiful grey. Sparkles are discreet. A way to make grey not sad. But I don’t want use these ink, taking care of the feeds.

    I watched “Cacao du Brésil” like a brown black. Now I think it is more brown greyish. I re-descovered this ink. As you said, it is good writting with inks that we already have. Now, I think that I am satisfied, get enough brown colors inks.

    To test J. Herbin inks, cartridges and 10 ml bottling are available. These colors are particular : we like or dislike.


    1. Gris orage is gorgeous; it sets the standard for understated luxury as it adds a tad of sparkle to an otherwise unassuming color. So far, I have not experienced clogged feed because of it. It may take a bit more rinse to get rid off all the sparkles and it might be a good idea not to leave the ink in the pens too long.
      I like the new 10ml-bottle packaging; less pressure while purchasing, yet enough for one to enjoy the ink fully.


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