Reading is a cornerstone of my research and to help absorb and remember the materials, some stationery help is needed. Finding an ideal highlighter can be harder than one expects. Some highlighters has highly saturated color that obstruct the visibility of the text. Some highlighters are wetter than others which may cause unintentionally smear.

The hue is almost translucent, so the text is very visible.
I can still add more emphasis, without tearing the paper, because of the quick drying property.

 Monami EssentiSoft Highlighter is one that is just right. It brings enough attention to the important passages due to the soft and lighter colors, and dries quickly.

Monami EssentiSoft Highlighter
Clip can grip firmly that can hold onto folder, pocket, and others.
Chisel tip.  Even though I press down pretty hard, it still hold its shape.

Another optional but functional feature is the clip; it is very similar to that of Zebra Airfit. Its chisel tip is just wide enough to highlight any line in a text precisely. Unlike other highlighters, EssentiSoft is highly portable due to its slim barrel; it will fit in anyone’s pencil case, yet it is comfortable to hold.

Check other colors of Monami highlighter at JetPens!


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