The first glance of Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207 Retractable is unassuming and the overall design is streamlined and sleek.  The barrel is neither too wide or thin, and the length is standard.  The textured, hard plastic grip helps relieve the tension and fatigue while writing, but does not provide equal support and cushion as pens like Dr. Grip or Zebra Airfit Jell

First look of Signo Micro 207 RT

Believe it or not, the little dots do help.

The barrel is made of opaque smoky hard plastic that allows users to see ink level and simultaneously coordinates with the rest of the color scheme.

Dissection:  3 pieces!

The pen is made of three parts:  the refill, the body, and the head.  Notice that the spring that enables the retractable mechanism is attached to the head.  No room for butterfingers to accidentally let the spring component slide!  The button at the end of the pen can be a bit tacky when pushed down occasionally, but in general, the mechanism worked smoothly.

The clip:  I do not use it, but the design is pretty neat.

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I rarely used the clip due to my personal idiosyncrasy, but I had to say, Micro 207 RT’s clip was uniquely design.  There is a hollow space between the clip and the plastic piece that bear brand imprint.  At least it is not a just a solid piece of plastic/ metal!


Writing sample of Signo Micro 207 RT.
Can you spot another Uni-Ball cousin?

This is a great day-to-day pen fro work and school.  The hard plastic material is durable to survive anyone’s purse and backpack (the fact that it used to lived in the Baker’s back pocket while he worked in the kitchen tells much of the story).  The pen can also be purchased easily at general stationery stores or Target/ Walmart at a relatively economic price.

You can purchase Signo Micro 207 RT at:

Refills can be found at:
Other fine reviews on the same pen:


2 thoughts on “Gel Pen Review: Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207

  1. I am in love with the Signo line. I prefer the regular over the micro as I write a bit hard and find the micro will actually slice cheaper papers. The flow feels so nice and the colors are vibrant.


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