I have been trying to look for all the letters that I have received from the past 19 years after I settled in the East Coast.  To my dismay, I could not find them in my ocean of boxes.  For the entire year, I assumed that the moving company had lost the box, and I lamented about it because it was close to erasure of memories.  
Recently I decide to tackle these boxes as my effort to declutter, and to my surprise, I found my box of correspondence, especially the letters written by my family.  As you can see below, my dad wrote letters entirely with brush pen (even the alphabets on envelopes), my mom wrote neatly and tightly in aerograms, and my sister who was in elementary school at the time, usually drew in the flap of the aerogram.
I seriously think my dad uses brush pen more often than gel or ballpoint pens.

Mom can manage to squeeze a wealth of wisdom in one little aerogram.

My sister’s very pictorial messages.


4 thoughts on “Postal Monday

  1. Awww, that's so sweet of your family (Ok…I hope I am not invading your privacy as I scanned through all the letters/and your older posts). Now I wish I have kept the letter my grand parents sent me (along with spending money) when I moved to North America…


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