I am always eager to try out any pens that has extra cushion because how tight my deathly grip is, insofar as having a huge callous on my right middle finger.  Dr. Grip used to be my go-to pen to relieve that writer’s fatigue, but due to regular wear and tear the grip is no longer cushy; thus send me back to the market for a replacement.

When I first saw Zebra Airfit, I was intrigued by the grip because according to the item description, it has a air-cushion grip that sounds quite comfortable.  The body is available in 5 colors:  white, blue, light blue, pink, and yellow.  The barrel for all five colors is made with pearlescent white plastic; only the clip and the grip part is colored.  Immediately, this pen reminds me Dr. Grip in general design, both are about the same length (Airfit Jell is only a tad shorter, measures at 5.5 inch), the girth is approximately the same (Airfit is a little bit narrower).  The cushioned part on Airfit is longer than Dr. Grip, approximately by 1/4 inch.  The knocker is loose on Airfit and it allows the user to push effortlessly.

Zebra Airfit Jell
Time to dissect!
Airfit and Dr. Grip, side by side.

The cushy part on Airfit is a bit longer than Dr. Grip.
More area to hold!

 One element that really stands out on Airfit Jell is its fully functional clip.  I am not a big clip person because I am just too paranoid that I think the pen will fall out, and the most pen clips are just an extended part from the cap.  But look at the Airfit Jell’s clip!  It resembles any stand-alone clip that can clip on pretty tight.

Not just an extension of the pen body, an actual clip.

Can you see the spring on the clip?  Yes, it can hold on tight!

Though the pen looks and feels sturdy, it is actually a pretty light pen, which will not cause strain to the writer unless you have a deathly grip like me.  Great for everyday use and carrying it around in a bag.
 So what is so special about the cushion?  As you can see in the picture below, the grip is not a solid piece of rubber of plastic, but it is divided into small air chambers and it provides more support and cushion to the fingers than ordinary grip.  Grip like the one on Dr. Grip can be very soft and easily flatten over time, but the one on Airfit feels a bit more structured but it provides comfort to the grip.  

Air-cushioned grip. 

One little drawback on the cushion.  The material of the grip attracts débris and dust ver easily, so the grip actually will not stay translucent too long.  It becomes a bit hazy and dull couple days I used it and it will not be smooth because of the little particles that it becomes attached to.

Grip… might be a bit dusty.


Though a pen might look attractive, it might not write as well as it appears.  Luckily, it writes very well!

Writing sample

Other fabulous review on the Zebra Airfit Jell:

You may acquire it at:

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