Rad and Hungry (@radandhungry) is an eclectic stationery carrier that conflates concepts of travelling and style.  It releases a new set of stationery that is country specific on a monthly basis, so it is similar to taking a worldtour in forms of stationery.  Recently RAH hosted a giveaway on their newly inaugarated item, a reusable shoppping tote, on Twitter, and with a stroke of luck, I was one of the new proud owners of these brightly colored bags.

So who says being green cannot be fashionable and fun?

A nice hand-written note from Hen, along with unique packaging that yells out “RAH!”
The shopping bag is neatly packed in its own storage bag.
Easy to transport, easy to put away
The cat out of the bag!

Can you believe that this bag can bear 50lbs?
Perfect for grocery shopping
RAH logo close up.
RAH Baggu

Thank you again, RAH, for sharing the goods!

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